January 17, 2009

January 14, 2009

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What's "Mandarin Oranges?"

  • These "Oranges" classes are FUN!
    It’s an innovative, active, hands-on course for both kids and adults, involving easy sentence games, role-play, and lots of fun, designed and taught by Ting Ting in person, an energetic teacher who’s simply terrific to learn from. Click on the "Oranges" link just above here or visit http://oranges.typepad.com/ for LOTS more information..!

Who's Ting Ting?

  • Ting Ting Zhao is a renowned translator of Chinese, English and Japanese, known for skillful business negotiation and human resource management. She is also a licensed Illinois ESL teacher with eight years of experience teaching English and Mandarin at elementary and high school levels in China and Korea. Specializing in teaching public speaking, debate and drama classes, Ting Ting exemplifies cultural sensitivity in the classroom. Through "Mandarin Oranges," her Chinese language school in Chicago, Ting Ting has helped a number of educational and artistic organizations extend their international reach, through improved communication, and increased clarity in cultural understanding. She is always open to professional opportunities in diplomacy, social service, tourism, and hospitality.
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